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Status Correction Packages (Worldwide) - Common Law Private Irrevocable Trust Templates & Walkthrough - Asset Protection & Estate Planning - Wealth Management - 508 (c)(1)(a) Ministry Trust Templates & Set up - Securitization, Bonds & UCC - Debt Discharge Processes - Travel & ID's - Quantum Grammar/Parse-Syntax Document Forensics and much more...

NEWLY ADDED: Advanced Treasury Pack - Liquidating the STRAWMAN Estate - International Bills of Exchange, Indemnity Bonds, Set-off Bonds, UCC-1 & UCC-3, UNCIBEIPN, UNCITRAL, UNIDROIT, Recoupment, Secured Transactions, TDA, DTCC, Securities, UCC Articles 3,4,5,7,8,9 & much more....

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The price of ignorance is far greater than the cost of an education!!

Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave!

10% Off Up Front
4 x Monthly Payment Plan Option
50% off when joining WRP @ all 3 levels

By purchasing this course you agree to keep the materials strictly :Private & :Confidential and to not abuse the methods & secrets taught. You agree you have read and met the qualities of mind and attitude listed under 'Who this course is for?' & 'Who this course is not for?' section at the bottom of this page. You agree to a zero returns policy and you have read through all of the curriculum on this page with what this course has to offer before purchasing. You must not be a public agent or governmental official in any capacity. This program is for the people, of the people, by the people in their private capacity for their educational benefit. I am not a licensed attorney or tax expert, these teachings are purely for informational and educational purposes only.



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You have a great opportunity here to break a thousand year curse of epigenetic control, which will help change the system intelligently and peaceably on paper, so we can all start to do away with all these middle-men, getting between me and you and our equity, so we can all live in harmony with one another as upstanding sovereigns, with full knowledge of our rights in complete harmony with nature as a self governing organism, away from the centralized clutches of this de facto system...

You won’t have to spend the hundreds of hours jumping from website to website, and youtube video to youtube video trying to find a clear cut solution to all your problems! 99% of it is just noise, orchestrated by the deciperati! Deliberate deceivers who infiltrate movements and pull people away from the proper solutions...

The level of research on offer here and all the first-hand knowledge of scanned letters and cases of my success is unrivalled. I’ve been through many other courses within this sovereignty movement and pulled all of it together, trimmed the fat, and added even more value from my findings, to package it into the single best course to get you up to speed...

To be a sovereign you must have a strong desire to be free, study hard, become responsible for your own estate and affairs, hold immaculate records of everything you do, have a self-starter, self-reliant mindset, and a willingness to learn everything that will ensure your confidence and instill belief in yourself as a sovereign...

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Who this course is for?


  • Those wanting to take back control of their lives in a peacable and honourable manner.
  • Those who are self starters and motivated to learn all that is necessary in order to administer ones affairs as sovereigns.
  • Those who are ready to accept responsibility for their lives as adults and break free from the child archetype & victim/victimizer drama that this system has had you in for millenia.
  • Those who can self-investigate, problem-solve on their own and be self-sufficient when getting work/research done.
  • Those who are self reliant and have the ability to discern information, question narratives, and remain open minded when confronted with belief challenging information.
  • Those who have the patience and perseverance to see programs and materials through to the very end.
  • A strong desire to be free and in control of ones life.


Who this course is not for?

  • Those who wish to abuse the teachings for their own greed and personal gain without consideration of others.
  • Those still stuck in victimhood mentality and want others to fix their situation for them.
  • Those who are unwilling to put in the effort to learn all that is taught to become a self-sufficient governing sovereign body.
  • Those looking for a 'quick-fix' and copy & paste path to sovereignty.
  • Those wanting to gain access to their trust funds without producing anything of value to society and the world at large.
  • Any public agent who still works for the CROWN CORPORATION or has any affiliations with them.
  • Those who do not possess the qualities outlined under 'Who this course is for?' above.


By purchasing this course you agree to keep the materials strictly :Private & :Confidential and to not abuse the methods & secrets taught. You agree you have read and met the qualities of mind and attitude listed under 'Who this course is for?' & 'Who this course is not for?' sections above. You agree to a zero returns policy and you have read through all of the curriculum on this page with what this course has to offer before purchasing. You must not be a public agent or governmental official in any capacity. This program is for the peopleof the peopleby the people in their private capacity for their educational benefit.

Thank you for stopping by and expressing your interest. If you have any further questions relating to the course then please feel free to email me at:

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Fictio cedit veritati; fictio jurisnon est ubi veritas - Fiction yields to truth; where the truth appears, there is no fiction of law.

Non est lex sed servitus, ad ea teneri quibus non concenseris - It is not law but servitude to be bound by what you have not consented to.

In favorem vitae, libertatis, et innocentiae omnia praesumuntur - All presumptions are in favour of life, liberty, and innocence.

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The people are the Fountain of sovereignty. The whole was originally with them as their own. The state governments are but trustees acting under a derived authority, and had no power to delegate what is not delegated to them. But the people, as the original Fountain, might take away what they have lent and in trust to whom they please. They have the whole title, and as absolute proprietors, have the right of using or abusing. - jus utendi et abutendi. It is a maxim consecrated in public law as well as common sense and the necessity of the case that a Sovereign is answerable for his acts only to his God and his own conscience . . . There is no authority above a Sovereign to which an appeal can be made." 4 Wheat, 402

(Bouvier' s 1 4th Edition Law Dictionary: "Sovereignty").


"A SOVEREIGN IS ANSWERABLE ONLY TO GOD AND CONSCIENCE ........There is no authority above a Sovereign to which an appeal can be made"

Bouvier's 4th Edition Law Dictionary: "Sovereignty"


You are part of the sovereign authority, in a collective capacity. You can become 'Head -of- State' in your individual capacity and step into the position of one of the sovereigns and your role of responsibility as intended from time past. As stated in Scripture, we are the kings and priests of Israel (man ruling with God) . It is your history and destiny to assume that power of